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Natalie Fikes

Self Discovery is the key to maximizing your profits and performance. A person who knows who they are, what they want and how to get what they want are more likely to be engaged, take the lead and perform at their greatest potential. It’s time to empower yourself, your team and your organization to live better, play bigger and show up more boldly in your life and business. It’s time to Activate Your Greater Purpose System (GPS).


Natalie Fikes spent over 20 years of her life as a professional people pleaser, not knowing what she wanted out of life. According to society’s standards, she was on her way to living the American Dream. To those who knew her, she was the life of the party, but internally she had no idea who she was. Although she bought her first home at nineteen and became the youngest African American female in management at Verizon in the South East Region, she was living up to everyone else’s definition of success with no true sense of fulfillment. In 2003, as she recovered from an injury, she began a journey of self-discovery. With a new found sense of significance, Natalie became a corporate success; leading a team of underperformers to the top of the sales district; started a youth organization – transitioning youth to adulthood; was named one of John Maxwell’s Top 100 Leaders in 2015; Became a #1 Best-Selling Author in 2017 and is hailed as “One of the Best Speakers of Today”.

Natalie is a Life and Leadership Coach, Keynote Speaker and CEO of Master Your Gifts Speaker Society and Ready to Roar Events. She teaches professionals how to get clear, take control and create the life they want. She believes that “if you take responsibility for your life, you will find yourself and success will find you.” 

Natalie enjoys volunteering weekly at the City of Refuge and Douglas County Jail in Atlanta Georgia; teaching homeless, sex-trafficked and incarcerated women how to start their own journey of self-discovery by Activating their Greater Purpose System (GPS). Natalie is a mother to her two sons Elijah and Jayden and a mentor to many, which are two of her greatest accomplishments.

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Activate Your Greater
Purpose System

Gain clarity, take control and start living the life you want by identifying who you are what you want and how to get what you want. 

Unleash Your
Inner Winner

Motivates organizations to own their leadership capabilities to lead teams to greater productivity and profits.

Permission to

 Entertaining One Woman show about a disengaged employee who became a corporate success; highlights the difference between engaged and disengaged employees. 

Grow Up, Show Up,
Glow Up (For Youth)

 Students learn tips on how to embrace their authenticity, build perseverance and position themselves for opportunities. 

What My Clients

Natalie spoke in front of our 200 chapter leaders at our annual conference this year and delivered the most high energy key note presentation we have ever had. Her talk set the tone for the entire conference. She was quick to adapt her presentation, incorporating comments she heard our CEO make regarding our company’s strategic goals (moments before Natalie walked on stage), making her delivery even more engaging and valuable. We received nothing but praise and positive comments regarding Natalie and her presentation.

Our chapter leaders were often heard saying “You are necessary” for the rest of the conference!
Lisa McBride
Director, Professional Development at The Risk Management Association
I had the opportunity to listen to Natalie speak at the AGA #PDT2019 Conference! Natalie is truly one gifted keynote speaker...there were over 1000 people in the audience of different backgrounds, but she had a message for everyone...especially me! Natalie displayed an undeniable range of knowledge, clarity, authenticity, and warmth. I’ve never seen so much energy from a keynote conference speaker before. Natalie message truly inspired me! I cannot recommend Natalie highly enough and can’t wait to connect with her again in the future!
Alexis Sidney
Executive Director at Financial Treehouse, Inc.
Loved the insight and energy Natalie brought to the presentation she did for our annual conference. The members were left with a wow ending that sent them out on a positive note. She made a difference for many lives. Highly recommend her for an uplifting speaker.
Debbie Hill
Hospital Administrator at Pet Care Hospital
Natalie Fikes! When I hear her name I’m instantly motivated and fired up to do what my HEART tells me. I was blessed to be at a conference that Natalie Fikes spoke at and I can’t express the uplifting and empowering message she presented!! If you want to reach your audience in a compassionate way, if you want your audience to leave changed, I suggest you book Natalie Fikes to speak at your event! I promise you won’t regret the decision!
Aryel Achee
Traveling Dental Hygienist at Team Placement Services, Inc.


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